Placemats using a new collection – Knives & Forks

I am so happy to show everyone my latest collection, a beautiful set of knives and forks.  I have made a wonderful set of placemats using these designs, that I wanted to share with you.

Knives and forks on the table


I am really terrible at knowing which way my knives and forks go on the table (and therefore haven’t really taught my children).  These beautiful placemats will not only ensure that you set the table correctly, but will add a beautiful and elegant look to your table.



2 rectangles of even slub linen 13×18”
2 rectangles of backing/border fabric, 21×18”
Dark grey embroidery thread
Tear away stabiliser
Knife and fork designs by Julie Hall Designs
Sewing thread
Sewing revolution double mitre ruler



  1. Take the template included with the knives and forks collection, print out, and poke holes in the cross hatches.
  2. Mark up each of the positioning marks, and hoop your stabiliser and fabric together in the hoop. (If you have a machine with a large hoop 8×12 or above, you can complete this design in one hooping)
  3. Stitch out each of designs.
  4. Remove the embroidery from the hoop, and press.
  5. Take the backing/border fabric, and press.
  6. Using the Sewing Revolution Double Mitre Ruler, mark up each of the corners according to the instructions with the double mitre ruler.
  7. Stitch along each of the lines marked, and then trim away the excess fabric.
  8. Turn the placemat backing/border the right side out, and press.
  9. Turn under the hoop, and press again.
  10. Place the embroidered linen into the placemat border, pin, and stitch around the edge to complete.


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