My Year of Gifting Embroidery – February, part 1

Welcome to February, the second month of the year. This month I have a couple of different gifts to give. My sister is having a birthday on the 9th, my parents celebrate 45 years of marriage on the 22nd, and of course we all celebrate Valentines day on the 14th. To begin with, we will look at Valentines Day.

Wine Carrier


 Re-purposing is a wonderful thing to do.  We purchased some coke at Christmas, and got with it a red neoprene coke bottle carrier.  Whilst looking to see how they made the carrier, I turned it inside out, only to discover a beautiful black neoprene, with red trim.  My valentines day gift for my hubby was born.


1 neoprene wine bottle carrier (I like the two bottle carriers, because they are easier to hoop.
Embroidery thread (I used red to match the trim of my carrier)
Tear away stabiliser
Love the wine you’re with design from Julie Hall Designs
Sewing thread

  1. Take your neoprene carrier, and remove any excess stitching (I had to remove the stitching to form the two bottle divider.
    100_1309 100_1310
  2. Turn the carrier inside out.
  3. Hoop the carrier with tear away stabiliser (you will need to open the hoop out a lot to fit the thick neoprene in)
  4. Load up the “love the wine you’re with” design into your machine, and stitch out.
  5. Remove the excess stabiliser, and thread, and remove the embroidery from the hoop.  (you will notice some hoop “burn” marks, but these will self heal after a use or two).
  6. Re-stitch the dividing zig-zag between the bottles for ease of carrying.

A quick and easy project, using something that I already had around the house!

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