My year of gifting embroidery – February part 2 – Machine Embroidered Scarf

Welcome back to February, and my year of gifting embroidery. Today my favourite (and only) sister is turning 43. Leanne is a wife, mother of 4 (21, 19, 15, 12), she is also a full time secondary school teacher, so doesn’t have a lot of free time for herself. When she does have time, she enjoys patchwork, does beautiful smocking, and is always happy to lend a hand to others. For her birthday, I was looking for something that Leanne could use often, that she wouldn’t get time to do for herself, and that would suit her. I came across a beautiful scarf whilst I was walking through Clayton Victoria last week, and inspiration struck.

100_1357 Machine embroidered Scarf

A scarf is always useful, and this scarf is both beautiful and practical.  Purchase a nice quality scarf, pick out your favourite thread, and you are ready to go.



  1. Take the scarf and press with a warm iron, and ironing starch.
  2. Hoop the wash away stabiliser into your embroidery hoop, and lay over the scarf.  Ensure that the edges of the scarf lays at the stitching edge of the hoop (generally marked on your hoop).  Pin in place all around the edge of the hoop.
  3. Load the Continuous Quilting 2 machine embroidery designs into your machine, and select your preferred design.
  4. Embroider the first stitch out, with embroidery thread in the top and bottom bobbin.
  5. Once embroidery is complete, remove the embroidery from the hoop, and trim away any excess stabiliser.
  6. Re-hoop the stabiliser, place the hoop into your machine, and send the machine to the first stitch place.  Before stitching the first stitch, lay the scarf over the hoop, and use the flywheel to turn the needle, so that the needle begins in the same place as the last stitch.
  7. Pin the scarf around the hoop, and stitch out the second stitching.
  8. Repeat steps 4-6 until you have embroidered all the way across the scarf.
  9. Repeat the embroidery on the other end of the scarf.
  10. Place in a lingerie bag, and wash on a gentle cycle to remove all of the excess stabiliser.
  11. Press to complete.

Tips for stitching on scarves….

  • Scarves are generally made of delicate fabrics, ensure you pick a design that is open, and will not distort the scarf.
  • Look for a design that will work no matter which way the design is placed (upside down etc)

100_1357  100_1358  100_1360

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