My Year of Gifting Embroidery – Technology Tablet Case

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These days, most family’s have at least one tablet in their technology stash. In our house, the children got one each for Christmas, and the biggest problem we have is keeping them safe as we travel around. My Brother-in-law received a Surface Pro 2 for his birthday this month, and I got together with his partner, and created this carry case for him. I have lined the case with Neoprene, making it a little more shock resistant, and used a set of woodworking designs and fabrics to make it totally masculine.   By adding a zippered pouch on the opposite side to the embroidery, I have given additional room to place cables and chargers.  Change up your fabrics and designs, to make the case suitable to the person you are gifting.

The biggest problem with making any technology cases, is that all the tablets/computers are different sizes.  I am giving you the instructions for how I calculated the size of my case, I suggest that you measure your tablet and complete the math before you begin.

40cm Main fabric
20cm contrast fabric
40cm cream homespun (fabric for embroidery and lining, you can use any fabric for lining)
35cm piece of neoprene for the lining
70cm continuous zipper with two toggles or 2 x 40cm zips
60 cm 25mm webbing for the straps
Out in the Shed embroidery designs by Julie Hall Designs
Brown embroidery threads
Stabiliser, Bobbin thread for embroidery
Sewing thread to match fabric

All seam allowances are 6mm

  1. Measure your tablet. In my case, the tablet is 275x175mm. Therefore, by the time I add in movement for the depth of the tablet (20mm), plus seam allowance (15mm), plus easement (1.5cm), my measurements to cut out the main pattern piece will be as follows
    275 + 20 + 15 + 15 + 15 = 340mm wide
    175 + 20 + 15 + 15 + 15 = 240mm high
  2. From the cream homespun, cut a piece across the width of the fabric (40cm x 25cm)
  3. Hoop together the fabric and stabiliser, and embroider the Out in the Shed design onto your homespun.
  4. Remove the embroidery from the hoop, and press.
  5. Cut the following fabrics:-
    Main fabric 1 piece 34x24cm
    1 piece 34 x 7.5cm
    1 piece 34 x 10.5cm
    Contrast fabric 1 piece 34 x 24cm
    2 pieces 32 x 6.5cm
    Embroidered piece 1 piece 34 x 11.5cm
  6. Take the contrast fabric and fold in half. Press.
  7. Using one of the zipper pieces, join the folded contrast fabric to the zipper.
    IMG_2603 IMG_2604
  8. Lay the zipper with contrast fabric on top of the main fabric piece, and measure.
  9. Flip the contrast and zipper over, and pin.
    IMG_2606 IMG_2607
  10. Stitch the zipper to the main fabric, and press. Set aside, this is now the back of the case
  11. Trim the embroidery piece to ½ inch top and bottom of the embroidery. Should now be 34 x 11.5cmIMG_2610
  12. Attach the embroidered piece to the top and bottom main fabric pieces, to create a piece of fabric the same size as the zippered piece. This is now the front of the case.
  13. Join the front and back of the case together along the bottom. Press.
  14. Measure the size of the case, and cut a piece of neoprene 1” smaller all the way around.
  15. From the remaining homespun/lining fabric, cut a piece the same size as the case. Press.
  16. Take the remaining zipper, and attach to the top of the case. Enclose the zipper by attaching the lining to the zipper. You should now have a case with the side parts open. (I remove the zipper pull to make everything easier to work with. I will re-attach the pull later)
  17. Take the neoprene, and place between the lining and the main fabric. Stitch the neoprene down in the bottom seam, with a 5mm long stitch.
  18. Create the handles by covering the webbing with the left over contrast fabric. Take the two remaining strips of fabric, and stitch down the long side to enclose. Pull the strip right side out, and thread the webbing through. Repeat for the second strap.
  19. Stitch the straps to the bag, stitching down with exposed ends facing the opening, and then back to enclose the exposed ends.
    IMG_2619 IMG_2620
  20. Re-attach your top zipper pull, before stitching the side seams together. Press and overlock or zigzag the side seams to avoid shredding.
    IMG_2617 IMG_2621

Your table case is now complete. Enjoy.

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