My Year of Gifting Embroidery – Feedback

I have reached a wonderful milestone today – I have completed my 10th embroidered gift.  The scary part is that I have 50 more gifts to complete the year, however I am focusing on the positive.

The wonderful thing is that as family and friends realise what I am doing – the response has been very positive (even from teenage nieces and nephews), and I am now getting requests and suggestions as to gifts they may like.

I really wanted to share this feedback, as many of you, much like me may be scared of what people will think of “homemade” presents.  I want to encourage you all to give it a go, and see the great response.

Below are the gifts I have made so far……

IMG_2631 IMG_2598 caremergencykit IMG_2339 pillowcasepics 100_1357 winecarrier bethanyquiltpic bucket 1

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