My year of Gifting Embroidery – Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Hello everyone, and welcome to May.  May is a hugely busy month for my family and I.  I am busily working my way through my mothers day presents today, and then on the weekend, I am planning on finishing off gifts for my dad, nephew, niece, friend, and a friend of my sons.  However I was just reminded that for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, it is coming up to the end of the school year.  I want to show you my favourite teacher appreciation gift.  Each year I customise the pillow with the teachers name, and the name of each of the students the teacher has inspired that year.

I have simply used the lettering available in my software (or you could use the letters available in your machine), and stitched each child’s name.  I love adding the year (which has worked well, as one of my teachers ended up with 3 of my children, so has 3 different pillows).  Trim the pillow in a bright fabric, and you teacher will have a memory of the year forever.


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