My Year of Gifting Embroidery – Mothers Day Sewing Caddy

I know, I know, Mothers Day is next weekend, but I have spent my weekend thinking about all of the mothers in my life, whilst I am stitching up a new set of owl keep it’s.

As per my post last month, I created a wonderful sewing caddy in the shape of an owl.  I thought I was being so smart in having these owls completed early, only to realise as I showed them off how popular they were.  My neighbour “borrowed” one to show a few of her sewing groups, my mum did the same, a shop I work with asked to run a class, and use one as a sample, another one went off for a magazine article.  And at the end I found I only had two owls left, and 5 gifts to give.  So this weekend, I have completed another 6 owls, so that I have enough for my mothers day gifts, and a few left over.


I am wrapping these gifts tonight, and posting all off first thing in the morning, so that no more go “missing”.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and keep on stitching.


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