My year of gifting embroidery – Snap Bag Emergency Kit

Hello everyone, I hope your month is going well.  We have been extremely busy this month, with hubby being off taking care of some family issues.  I have however just finished my presents for the month.  This month I had my gorgeous niece’s 19th birthday.  Ally is a gorgeous girl, who is off on her way to America at the moment, to be a nanny for 2 years.  I wanted a gift that was practical, as well as gorgeous.  This emergency kit is perfect for any young lady.  It contains lip balm, money for a cab, band aids, sewing kit, hand sanitiser, panadol, breath mints, feminie hygiene products, and anything else a young woman could need.

Whilst this bag is small, it is perfect for the bottom of a handbag.  I have used a snap bag design, and monogram of ally’s name.




9×14” piece main fabric (I love using denim)
9×18” piece lining fabric – I have used a red homespun
2 pieces 9×2” piece of interfacing
Embroidery threads
Stabiliser, Bobbin thread for embroidery
Sewing thread to match fabric
Old broken builder’s tape measure (check if hubby has a leftover, or buy from the $2 store)
Masking tape or duct tape.



All seam allowances are 6mm


  1. Take the main fabric piece, and press in half. This will be half the size of your bag. Press the half rectangle into half and quarters to find the middle of the bag half. Finger press, and hoop together stabiliser and main fabric, ready for embroidery.
  2. Load your embroidery design onto the machine, and stitch out your monogram. Once embroidery is complete, remove all of the excess stabiliser, and press.
  3. Take the lining fabric, and iron the interfacing strips to the lining fabric, leaving 1cm, or just under ½ an inch at the top.
  4. Turn the ½ inch (1cm), over the interfacing
  5. Lay the main fabric on top of the lining fabric, and fold over the lining ends with the interfacing on to form the top pocket.
  6. Top stitch the lining to the main fabric.
  7. Take the ruler, and cut 2 pieces 8 ¼” each.   Round off the ends to make less sharp
  8. Take your masking tape or duct tape, and tape the ends of the ruler pieces. This makes them less prone to poking through the fabric.
  9. Thread the tape through the pockets, making sure the wording on the tape is on the front of the bag
  10. Fold the bag with right sides together, and stitch along the side seams. The easiest way to do this is to stitch the first seam with the tape coming slightly out the opposite end, and then firmly press the tape in to stitch the second seam.
  11. Overlock or overstitch the side seams
  12. Create a bag base by pulling the bottom of the bag to the edge, and stitching along diagonally 1” out on both sides of the bag.
  13. Carefully pull the bag right side out, and press. You can add a touch of fray stopper to the top of the snap closure for extra security.
    IMG_2654 IMG_2653 IMG_2652

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