Dress like a Princess – New Embroidery Collection

Hello all.  I hope everyone is having a lovely time, whether they be on the lovely warm side of the hemisphere, or like me in the freezing cold part.   We have just begin school holidays down here, and I have been lucky enough to have a wonderful assistant this week.  Crystal is the daughter of a lovely friend of mine, 13, and received her first embroidery machine for Christmas.  She has been helping me doing test sewing, and today I am happy to bring to you a wonderful new collection, called Dress like a Princess.

Dress Like a Princess is a fantastic collection of 10 princess style designs, with applique, free flowing skirts.  I have made my skirts out of organza, for an extra floaty feel.

princess14 princess13 princess12 princess2 princess4 princess6 princess8 princess10 princess1 (2) princess

Now my daughters (like most I assume), are huge Disney fans, so when I offered to make them shirts, they chose the colours themselves……

emmashirt graceshirt

Naturally, I wouldn’t create a new collection without offering a freebie – so if you want to give the Dress Like a Princess collection a try, download the freebie design here.


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