I love work – i could watch people do it all day…..

It is school holidays here, so the children and I have left my wonderful hubby alone for a week, and come down to Melbourne.  We all arrived with the flu, and have been attempting to recover for the past week and a half.

I was lucky enough to spend one week with my wonderful friend Lyn.  She was very understanding when I was throwing up the night I arrived, and kept me warm and fed all week.

I on the other hand, spent my week snuffling and coughing on the couch, instructing her to work.  During my week there, Lyn managed to complete a set of the Deco Diva designs, 4 gorgeous embroidered neoprene cases (which I will be selling the blanks for next week), and Lyn and our other friend Maureen completed 8 dress like a princess t-shirts between them.

DSCF0379 DSCF0378 DSCF0376 DSCF0383 DSCF0381 DSCF0384

I was also lucky enough to get to teach the snap bag to a wonderful group of ladies, one of whom brought me her Floral Windows quilt completed.  I was quite sick, and cannot remember her name, but isn’t the quilt magnificent!!!

20140710_113943 20140710_114008 20140710_114018

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