Stitching on Neoprene – Blank Expressions

Hello everyone – I hope you are all having a great weekend.  I have been busy this weekend, uploading a new set of products to my site.  If you are anything like me, you love the act of embroidery, put putting things together not so much…..   I have been working over the past few months to procure items that we can use for embroidery, at great prices, and I am happy to bring the first to you – with 3 sets of Neoprene cases.

You can use these cases for electrical devices, pencil cases, makeup cases, or toy cases – I use one to keep my rotary cutter and scissors in whilst I travel.

Stitching on Neoprene is simple, it is really just normal stitching, with tear away on the back.

In this first example, I have used the medium sized case, stitched an applique circle, and then monogramed my initials in the centre.  I used a 3mm applique stitch to give a nice dense stitching around the edge.

In this second example, I have embroidered my darling hubby’s name onto the largest case, leaving the rest of the case plain.  I like the plain cases for men/boys, and this one is perfect to take his laptop to work in.

For my third example, I am using the small case, which is great for my sewing accessories.  I have simply used the lettering included in my machine, and stitching my name.

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