My Year of Gifting Embroidery – Paper Dolls for the embroidery machine

Hello – and welcome to August.  I hope you are all having a wonderful week, with plenty of time for stitching.

This month I am bringing you a wonderful new collection called Non-Paper Dolls.  They were initially made with my youngest niece Amy’s birthday in mind.  Amy turns 3 on Friday, and I wanted something that she could use in quiet time, and by herself, and all of her sisters will be in school next year.

If you were anything like me as a child, you loved the paper dolls where you would pull the tab over, and dress the dolls in different clothes.  I have been thinking of trying out paper dolls on the embroidery machine for a number of years, and finally took the plunge.  These dolls are stitched onto felt, with applique fabric, and then I have used either Elmers spray re-positionable glue, or double sided tape to make them “Sticky”.  Both of my girls have loved “helping” to create these.  Emma was involved in stitching out the different outfits, and choosing the fabrics to use, and Grace has completed some of the photography.  I will say that as I have completed two of these sets (one for Amy my niece turning 3 on Friday), and one for my collection, I have had to make extra skirts and shoes, because the kids have played with them, and they went missing!!!

To store my paper dolls, I made a carry bag with the doll on one side, and a plastic sleeve on the other.  I have used baking paper to keep the pieces apart, and yet easy to use, and that helps with keeping the pieces tacky as well.

Non-Paper Dolls comes with the doll, and 25 different clothing/hair/shoes designs

dressdoll1 dressdoll2 dressdoll4 dressdoll5 dressdoll6 dressdoll7

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