A Crowning Success

I am so happy to bring you my newest collection, a wonderful set of in the hoop machine embroidered tiaras.
These gorgeous, quick to stitch designs are perfect for the prince, princess, or pirate in your life, and are so easy to complete.


Pieces of felt (need to be 180x300mm at least)
scraps of fabric for the details
machine embroidery threads
general sewing implements
bobbin fill
1 piece of elastic, half the size of the head you are making it for (mine were approx. 20cm)


  1. Hoop a piece of PolyCut cut away stabiliser in your hoop
  2. Load the embroidery design onto your machine.
  3. Stitch out the first colour, which will show you where to place the felt
  4. Lay the felt on top of the hoop, and complete the second set of stitching, to join the felt to the stabiliser
  5. Working from the included colour guide, stitch out each of the additional elements to your tiara/crown/hat.  For the crown I am showcasing here, I have the elements of the bottom jewels, band, middle jewels, and top jewels
  6. Working from the included colour guide, once the detail stitching is completed, remove the hoop from the machine, and lay a piece of felt on the back of the stabiliser.  Carefully place the hoop back on the machine, and stitch out the outline stitch to adhere the back felt to the tiara.
  7. Remove the hoop from the machine, and carefully trim around the tiara on both sides
  8. Finally, place the hoop back on the machine, and complete the satin stitches around the tiara.
  9. Now that your stitching is complete, trim carefully around the tiara to remove the excess stabiliser, and using the same thread as the satin stitching, stitch the elastic to the tiara.

 Your tiara is now ready for your favourtie person to wear with pride.


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