Christmas Countdown – Spa Wraps

Ok – so we are now down to 145 days until Christmas, and I am powering through my present list.

So far I have embroidered the toilet paper and wrapped it, next up are the spa wraps.

I have sourced these wonderful Spa Wraps, and I am happy to offer them to you.  These wraps are made of a thick micro-fibre velour fleece, and are 145cm x 75cm.  Whilst they have a bow at the corner, I have removed the bow for the boy wraps.

I am completing 7 of these wraps for the older nieces and nephews, and once again, I am using my favourite set of designs for personalising presents – the Split it Out.  With the split it out, you simply load the letter of your choice, and using the lettering in your machine, add the name of the recipient.

Working with a thick microfiber fleece can have its complications, but with a few simple tricks, you will have amazing wraps to give for a very reasonable price.


1 x Micro-fibre velour Spa Wrap

HeatAway© Stabiliser

TearClean© Stabiliser

Split it Out Embroidery Designs by Julie Hall Designs

Applique fabric

Squeeze Embroidery Scissors

Embroidery threads

General sewing requirements


  1. Lay your spa wrap out on your work bench, and turn the Velcro over on itself to stop it from snagging.

  2. Hoop together your TearClean© stabiliser and the spa wrap, at the bottom of the front of the wrap.

  3. Take your hoop over to the machine and load the Split it out letter of your choice

  4. Using the lettering in your machine, add in the name of your recipient

  5. Take your HeatAway©, and lay on top of the spa wrap.

  6. Stitch out the first outline, which will be the top of the letter.

  7. Using your squeeze embroidery scissors, cut out around the INSIDE of the applique area.  You need to do this so that you will not be left with the crinkly heat underneath your applique forever.

  8. Lay the applique fabric down on top of the outline area, and stitch out the second colour, to stitch down the applique fabric.

  9. Trim away the excess fabric

  10. Repeat steps 6-9 to complete the letter appliqué.

  11. The 5th colour will complete the satin stitch around the entire applique.

  12. Change colours and stitch the last colour to complete the name.

  13. Once embroidery is complete, remove the spa wrap from the hoop, and remove the excess TearClean stabiliser.  Trim around the HeatAway stabiliser on top of the wrap – removing as much excess as possible.

  14. Heat your iron to a medium hot setting, and gently iron over the design to remove all of the excess HeatAway stabiliser.

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