Colour Therapy – Selecting the correct colours for your project

One question that I commonly get asked is “how do I pick the right thread colours for a project?”  The answer has no wrong or right answers; however I would love to share with you how I go about selecting a thread range.

Firstly, look at the item you are embroidering.  I am currently working on a steel gray sweatshirt, that I am turning into a jacket.  I have trimmed this jacket in a beautiful teal and gold fabric (that I fell in love with and was in my stash).

Secondly, look at the design you are embroidering, and work out how many colours you require.  Most designs come with a colour guide, or you can also access the colour guide through your embroidery software.

Thirdly, go to your thread stash, and start pulling out colours that appeal to you.  In the example below, I have pulled out 7 threads that I like the look of in my stash.  Place all of the threads on the garment you will be embroidering, and look away for a few seconds.  Return to looking at your garment, and look for your first impressions.  In the example below, I believe the lime green, and the red look out of place with the garment and the binding.

Fourthly, remove the “wrong” colours from the collection.  Repeat the looking away and back until you are happy with your selection, as per below.

Finally – embroider your article with the treads you have selected.

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