Countdown to Christmas – Embroidered toilet paper

I checked today, and there are 22 weeks until Christmas!!!!

Working on my gift list, that means that I need to complete 1.2 gifts per week (unless I want to tear my hair out come December).

So I am getting started, and I hope that you will begin thinking about your list as well.

The biggest part of my list is my nieces and nephews, I have 11 (and only two boys in that mix).  This year I have decided to do a multi-gift set.

Each niece will receive:-

                Embroidered toilet paper (gag gift)
Spa robe
Spa slippers

Each Nephew will receive

                Embroidered toilet paper (gag gift)
Spa robe

So this weekend, I plan on making all of the gag gifts.

I am thinking for the girls, I will go the “Let It Go” toilet paper.  It has the “frozen” theme, but I really think they will get a laugh out of it.

There are a few things to note when you are embroidering toilet paper.

  1. Use a good quality 3ply toilet paper.  Anything less will just mean the embroidery stitches will pull through the paper.

  2. Lower the tension for stitching.  You really don’t want any pull on the threads.

  3. For cost effectiveness, I have found the 3ply from Aldi or Costco is the best bet.  Each roll comes out around .50c – which I think is a great price for a gift.

Instructions for making your own embroidered toilet paper…


1 roll of toilet paper (see note)
1 hoop size piece of PolyCut© cut away stabiliser
1 hoop size piece of HeatAway© melt away stabiliser
10x10cm (4×4”) embroidery hoop
Embroidery threads
On A Roll embroidery designs


  1. Lay your PolyCut© stabiliser in the bottom on the hoop.

  2. Pull the end off the toilet paper, and unravel until you get a perfect sheet.

  3. Lay the toilet paper on top of the PolyCut©, and hoop, with the second sheet in the center of the hoop.

  4. Lay the HeatAway© on top of the embroidery hoop.

  5. Load your selected design into your embroidery machine.

  6. Embroider the design.

  7. CAREFULLY remove the toilet paper from the hoop.  Trim away excess PolyCut© so that it is smaller than the toilet paper, and trim away as much HeatAway© as possible.

  8. Set your iron onto a medium heat, and gently press the toilet paper to remove the HeatAway©.

  9. Re-roll the toilet paper back onto the roll, and secure with a small amount of sticky tape.

  10. I like to wrap my toilet paper up extravagantly with cellophane and ribbon to make the gift more fun to receive.

For the boys I am going to go the Reindeer and Snowman (which is a free gift with the purchase of the On A Roll collection).

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