Create quilting in the hoop – tutorial and video

I would like to take the time to share with you the wonderful technique of quilting in the hoop.
This is an amazing technique, that will completely change the way you quilt.

Load Designs onto Machine

Use the included USB stick, and select the Quilting design

Set up fabric & Hoop

Press and fold fabric in half, to give a strong guide down the middle of the fabric.  Hoop fabric with wadding and backing fabric (you do not need any stabiliser).  Ensure that the fold line is lined up with the middle markings of the hoop.

Stitch 1stcolour

Stitch out the first colour.


Place the bottom of the hoop in the machine.

Line up design

Re-set the design, moving the stitch point to the first stitch.  Lay the embroidered fabric down on top of the hoop.  Move the fabric around so that the point of the last stitch matches up with the first stitch of the embroidery, is lined up with the needle (I like to place the needle down into the fabric to hold it down).  Ensure that the fold mark that we pressed into the fabric lines up with the middle of the hoop (this will ensure that the design remains centred along the fabric), and place the top of the hoop on the fabric, and press down to secure.

Stitch 2ndColour

Stitch out the second colour to complete the embroidery.

Remove from hoop

Remove from the hoop, and press.

You can also watch the youtube video of this technique HERE

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