Embroidering Blanks – Cashmere Scarf

I am so happy to bring you all this wonderful project, and introduce to you a new range of embroidery blanks, the blank scarf.
These scarves are a Cashmere blend, so soft and light you will not believe it, and beautiful to wear.
Cashmere Scarf – I have used the Light Purple
Mehendi Embroidery Designs by Julie Hall Designs
Gray Embroidery Thread
Bobbin filled with Gray Embroidery Thread
Ironing Starch
  1. Take your Cashmere scarf, and using a cool to warm iron, starch the scarf and press firmly.  At this stage, gently press the scarf in half, leaving a small mark to align in the hoop.

  2. Hoop the Wet Away Sticky Stabiliser tauntly in your hoop.  Because this is the only thing that will keep the scarf in the hoop, it needs to be quite taunt and sturdy.
  3. Take your scarf, and using the centre marks that you pressed in, align with the hoop, and gently adhere the scarf to the Wet Away Sticky.
  4. Load the bobbin filled with embroidery thread into the hoop.
  5. Load your Mehendi embroidery design onto your machine.
  6. Thread the machine with matching bobbin thread, and stitch out the Mehendi Design.  The design I chose had 39,000 stitches, and I chose to turn my machine’s speed down to approximately 500 stitches per minute.
  7. Once the embroidery is complete, remove the hoop from the machine, and the scarf from the hoop.
  8. Repeat the embroidery on the other edge of the scarf.
  9. Once embroidery is complete, place the scarf into a lingerie washing bag, and wash on a gentle cycle.
  10. Press the scarf using a warm iron to complete.

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