Fathers Day is coming

For those of us in Australia, Father’s Day is coming up next month.  Unfortunately I won’t make it up to Sydney to see my Dad on Father’s Day, however I am going up to Sydney this weekend, so I thought I would take my father’s day gift with me.

My Father is a wonderful cook.  For the past 15 years he has taken over the day to day cooking in my parents’ house, and my children love going to my parents to have a baked dinner with “Grandad potatoes” (crispy baked potatoes).

Dad also cooks often at the local church, and for mums craft weekends away.  So this year I have decided to make him a personalised apron.

I purchased the apron from a local retailer, and immediately got to work.

For best results, I recommend pressing the apron before you begin.  Mark the center of the apron, and hoop the apron firmly in the hoop.  Make sure you have all of the strings and loops out of the hoop (you really don’t want to stitch over these).

I used the lettering feature in my embroidery software.  If you don’t have embroidery software, don’t worry, every machine has inbuilt lettering options.  Lay out your lettering in the hoop, and once you are happy, stitch out the design.

Once the embroidery is complete, remove all of the excess stabiliser off the back of the design, and press again.  I have found that the best way to remove stabiliser is to lightly press the stabiliser, which works to soften it.  It then pulls away really cleanly from the back of your item.

I like to fold the apron so that the lettering is showing, and then wrap it, so that the design shows as dad opens it.

I really hope Dad loves this, as much as I love him.

I hope you will join me in wishing all Dad’s out there a happy father’s day for the 1st weekend in September.

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