Free Project – Brilliant Butterfly Table Runner

This article was originally posted on the 13/03/2015

Today I have a fantastic project that I want to share with you.  This project uses two different sets of designs, but the real joy of it is it is decoratively quilted in the hoop!

Autumn is upon us here in the Southern Hemisphere, but in the North, Spring is coming, and what better way to begin the tradition of outdoor eating, with this beautiful table runner.  The table runner not only uses embroidered blocks, but I have used machine embroidery quilting designs to quilt the ½ block triangles.  I have used 3 blocks, but you could make this table runner as long as you like, simply by adding more blocks.


3 x 10” blocks white homespun

2 fat quarters of coordinating fabric, I have used green and pink

1m wadding (only needs to be 40cm wide)

1m backing fabric (only needs to be 40cm wide)

Brilliant Butterflys embroidery designs by Julie Hall Designs

Cornered embroidery designs by Julie Hall Designs

embroidery threads

TearClean Stabiliser

Bobbin thread for embroidery

Sewing thread to match fabric


All seam allowances are 6mm, or ¼”



  1. Embroider your selected 3 butterfly designs onto the white homespun, using the tear away stabiliser on the back.  I have used metallic thread for my butterfly’s to give a glittery finish.
  2. Remove any excess stabiliser, and press each block.
  3. Trim each block to 9” square.
  4. From your main co-ordinating fabric (I used green), cut 2 x 9” squares.
  5. Cut each square in half on the diagonal, to form 4 triangles. 
  6. From your secondary coordinating fabric (I used pink), cut 4 x 1” strips.
  7. Working with the first block, take your pink fabric, and attach the strip to the embroidered block as below. 
  8. Take a green triangle, and attach to the other side of the pink strip.
  9. Repeat for the other two blocks, to make the following formation
  10. With the remaining two strips of pink, join each of the block sets together, making sure you match all of the seams. 
  11. Press the entire runner.
  12. Take your backing fabric, and wadding, and make a sandwich with the backing on the bottom, then the wadding, with the embroidered runner on top.  Press again with a warm iron, and smooth out any wrinkles.  Pin along each of the seams ready for quilting. 
  13. Set your sewing machine up with a walking foot, and stitch in the ditch between each of the pink seams. 
  14. Print out a template of the triangle quilting design you wish to use, and center if over the green block.
  15. Hoop your quilt  – ensuring that the design will be centered in the hoop, and load into the machine (I hoop my blocks without stabiliser, but you can use wash away if you wish)
  16. Stitch out the quilting design 
  17. Repeat the quilting design on each green block.
  18. Press the table runner.
  19. To complete the runner, bind using the leftover fabric from your fat quarters.  I bound my quilt with a mix of the green and pink (because I didn’t have enough green).

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