Free Project – Bullion Bunny

I love Bullion Embroidery.  By simply using puffy foam underneath your embroidery, and choosing designs that are specifically made for this technique, you can create beautiful traditional looking designs with your embroidery machine.  With Easter coming up, I had to share this gorgeous bunny, who will make someone’s Easter extra special.


60cm wide piece of felt (main)
25cm wide piece of contrast felt
1 piece of embroidery puffy foam
Threads of your choice to complete you design
Polyester stuffing (fibre fill)
Sewing thread
Stuffed toy eyes
Stuffed toy nose
Bullion Roses Embroidery Designs by Julie Hall Designs
Free Bullion Bunny Pattern by Julie Hall Designs
General sewing requirements

  1. Print out the pattern pieces, join together with tape, and then cut out .
  2. Lay pattern pieces on the main felt, pin down and cut out.
  3. Take the contrast fabric, load the designs into your machine and stitch out each of the included designs, laying down the puffy foam over the design before stitching out the last colour to make the roses “puffy”
    1. 2 paws (on 1 frame)
    2. 2 ears (one flipped over)
    3. 1 belly
  4. Cut out each of the embroidered pieces along the stitching lines (ears need to be made longer to match outer ear shell) and set aside.
  5. Take the two ear pieces, lay with right sides together, and stitch around, leaving the top open (Don’t worry that the outer ear is bigger, it is supposed to be).
  6. Turn ear right side out and press.  At the top of the ear, fold in half and hold with a pin.
  7. Take the head sections, and lay the pinned in half ear in the cut out section of the head.  Stitch down using a small stitch.
  8. Take the head sections with the ears attached, and stitch around (right sides together), leaving the neck opening free.  Be careful not to catch the ears here.  Turn the head the right way out.
  9. Mark with a water erasable pen where you want the eyes and nose to go (a good trick is to mark the eye on one side, and put a pin through both sides to mark at the exact opposite point).
  10. Attach the eyes and nose.
  11. Set the head aside.
  12. Take the front body piece and join pieces together down the front.  Press.
  13. Take the embroidered belly, centre it over the bunny front, and using a decorative stitch, stitch around the bear.
  14. Take the embroidered paws and attach to the bunny front hands using a decorative stitch.
  15. Take the two back pieces, and join together down the middle.  Press the seam open
  16. with right sides together, join the front and back of the bunny together, leaving the neck hole open, and a hole of approximately 5cm on the bottom of the bear.
  17. join the bunny head to the body, matching up the front and back seams.
  18. Pull bunny right side out.
  19. When it comes to stuffing the bear, you may need to play around a little with how much stuffing you like.  I like a solid bear, but to arrange the legs of my bunny correctly, I had to stuff the legs first, then using tacking stitch, tack both sides of the legs together, pulling the front of the leg backwards to settle the legs in the right position.
  20. Continue stuffing the body until bunny is completely filled.
  21. Using a hand sewing needle and thread, had stitch the bunny at the bottom to finish.

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