Free Project – Embroidered Pashmina

This article was originally posted on the 19/03/2015

The Pashmina is a beautiful fashion statement, and most women have one or two in their wardrobe.  Embroidering a Pashmina can offer up a few challenges.  Follow my simple tricks, and you will have a beautiful wrap in no time.


1 silk Pashmina

WetAwaySticky© by Julie Hall Designs

Embroidery threads

Bobbin Fill

Embroidery Designs (see note below, however Elephant Walk, Deco Roses, Native Birds, Continuous Quilting, Brilliant Butterfly’s would all work well)


Embroidery Designs:The Embroidery Designs that you select to embellish your pashmina will make a huge difference in the overall effect.  In the best case scenario, you don’t want the Pashmina to lose that flowing, soft feel, so you are going to be looking for an open style design.  Select a design that is predominately single or triple stitch, with minimal satin or weave fill areas.

Stabiliser:                  Use a wash away stabiliser, that will sit in the hoop without moving.  My favourite is WetAwaySticky© by Julie Hall Designs

Tension:                    Pashmina’s are quite fine garments.  To ensure that the bobbin thread doesn’t peak through your design, you may need to turn down the tension on your embroidery machine.  I found that turning down the tension from 4.0 to 2.8 worked well for me.  It does mean that you end up with very little bobbin thread used, and most of your embroidery thread showing through on the back, however I believe the end result is worth it!


  1. Using a very cool iron, press your Pashmina.
  2. Mark up your embroidery position i.e. the middle of the pashmina, and mark (I like to press my markings into the pashmina with the iron)
  3. Take a piece of WashAwaySticky© that is 1” larger than your hoop, and after removing the backing paper, lay on the back of the pashmina. 
  4. Hoop the Pashmina and WashAwaySticky© together in your embroidery hoop. 
  5. Load your selected design onto your machine, and after altering your tension, stitch out your design.
  6. Remove the design from the hoop, and cut away any excess stabiliser.
  7. Run the Pashmina under warm water (don’t use hot, as this can affect the silk), or run through a warm wash cycle on your washing machine.
  8. Hang the Pashmina up to dry naturally (don’t use a dryer, as once again, this can affect the silk).
  9. Once the Pashmina is dry, press with a cool iron.
  10. Once pressed – the Pashmina can be embellished with hot fix crystals.

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