Get Great Results with Small Stitches

I have been playing around this week with some lovely Mehendi designs that I am looking forward to bring you in the next few weeks.

Mehendi designs are in a similar category as henna tattoo designs.  They are open work designs, whilst still having a LOT of stitches.  Because they are so densely detailed, there are a lot of small stitches (under 2mm), as they go around curves.

One of the interesting things that I have noticed as I test stitched these designs, is the difference in different machines, and the tensions that are required by each machine to ensure that the bobbin thread does not show through.

This was the first stitch out that I completed of the new collection.  I am very happy with the design itself, however I can see the slightest hint of thread showing through on the left hand design, and even after turning the tension down on the machine for the design on the right, the smallest amount of thread is still showing through (see below)

After playing around with the tensions on various machines, wanting to ensure that any customer has the opportunity to stitch out great designs, I put on my thinking cap, and looked at the design another way.

Simply by using embroidery thread in the bobbin as well as the top, your design will have no show through, and will give you a perfect design every time.

with the design above, I filled a bobbin thread with the same thread as the top.  Look at the close up below to see just how beautiful the stitching is.

I am planning on using these designs on a scarf this weekend, and love knowing that the design be beautiful on both sides.

To sum up:-  When you are working with designs with tiny details, and your bobbin thread continues showing through, consider matching your top and bobbin threads for perfect results.

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