Gifts to Embroider – Spa Robe

This article was originally posted on the 25/02/2015


Grace (my 9 yr old daughter), was invited to a birthday party this weekend.  Immediately i pulled out my stash of embroidables (I have a packing box with samples I have collected over the years).  In it I found this great dressing gown/towel, and a hair wrap.  A great spa gift for a young girl.  Because I am in a bit of a rush this week, i used a new product that i have – HeatAway Stabiliser Stabiliser.  The joy of this product is that you don’t need to wash the excess topper off, you simply iron over the excess stabiliser, and it disappears off the item.  HeatAway has both a rough and smooth side.


Bath gown
Twist Turban
Split it Out Embroidery Designs
Applique Fabric
Embroidery threads
TearClean Tear Away Stabiliser
HeatAway Stabiliser

  1. Hoop the TearClean Tear Away Stabiliser in the hoop.
  2. Lay the bath gown on top of the stabiliser, and pin into place.
  3. Place the hoop into the machine, and bring up your Split It Out lettering design.
  4. Baste the bath gown onto the TearClean.
  5. Take your HeatAway, and lay down on top of the basting outline, with the rough side down (this helps the HeatAway “Stick” to the fabric)
  6. Stitch the outline of the applique.
  7. Lay the applique fabric down, and stitch around the applique fabric.  Trim away any excess fabric
  8. The next colour is the satin stitch to finish the lettering.
  9. Once the split letter is completed, use the lettering in your machine to create the name to go into the split.
  10. Once your embroidery is complete, remove from the hoop, and pull out the basting stitches.
  11. Pull away any excess stabiliser that you can.
  12. Heat your iron on a low-medium temperature (depending on the item you are ironing), and lay on top of the embroidery.  The stabiliser will simply disappear.
I finished off this present by embroidering the name on the twist turban, and adding in a set of nail polishes, and pedicure toe separators.

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