Happy New Year – Happy New Collection – Crusin’ Caravans

I know I am late with my New Years wishes, however we have been so busy, that today is really the first breath I have taken and the first chance I have had to catch up.  My not-so-little darlings went back to school today (Cameron is in Grade 6, and Grace & Emma begin 5th Grade today).  I cannot believe just how quiet the house is.

Whilst we were on holidays, I began working on a new collection, and have just managed to test stitch and upload them.  I am so happy to share these with you.

Crusin’ Caravans.  Mum and Dad are big on Caravaning (not sure if this is a word), taking at least one long trip each year, and bringing the van with them when they come and visit us.  I am also amazed each year as we travel around the country at just how many Caravans there are out on the road.  And these two things inspired this collection.

With 12 different applique vans, there is sure to be one that suits your needs.  I have used my test stitchers to make a lap rug/single bed quilt.  This will be a gift for mum for Mothers Day, to use when they are out travelling.

One of the things that i really love about applique is that it really does use up only a tiny amount of different fabrics.  I have been attempting to use up these fabrics for more than 5 years, and still have plenty left over for the next project.

The Crusin’ Caravan designs will all fit into the 5×7 hoop, and pair perfectly with a collection that I created many years ago, called Cutie Applique Cars.  Tomorrow I will be bringing you a fantastic re-cycling project, turning a denim skirt into a fantastic apron, and using the Crusin’ Caravans and Cutie Applique Cars to decorate.

Until then, have a Stitchin’ Day.


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