Made to Sell – Lip Balm Holder

These little lip balm holders are fantastic.  They are quick to make, they use up your scraps, and they are something that we all need.  Look through your scrap pile for your favourite scraps, and create something special to add to your Christmas stockings.  These lip balm holders would also make a perfect item to sell.  Purchase your lip balm in bulk to place in the holder.

Estimated Cost to Make:- Australian Dollar prices as at 7/6/15.

  • 50c for the key fob (prices based on ebay)
  • scraps of fabric from stash – FREE
  • scraps of wadding from my stash – FREE
  • .05c for the glue (although I simply “borrowed” the children’s)
  • 10c for stabiliser and thread
  • 50c for lip balm to fill the holders (price based on a purchase from e-bay)


RRP sell price between $6 – $9 – based on prices on etsy.


  • Scraps of fabric (must be at least 1.5” x 8”)
  • Scraps of thin wadding (I like to use embroiders felt)
  • 1 set of key fob hardware (can be found at most craft stores, or through ebay or etsy)
  • Key fob design set by Julie Hall Designs
  • PVA Glue


  1. Hoop two layers of tear clean stabiliser together in the hoop, with the weft going in opposite directions. 
  2. Complete the first row of stitching, showing where to place the lip balm holder back piece. 
  3. Lay the fabric on top of the stitching line, folding the fabric over on at the top, and placing the wadding in between the layers.
  4. On top of the back piece, lay another piece of fabric, folded in half with the folded edge at the top, and a pleat in the fabric to allow for the circumference of the lip balm.  Place this piece along the marks made on the first stitching line.  Depending on what type of lip balm you are working with, you will need a different size pleat, I am working with the smaller tubes, approximately 1.5cm across the lid.  The pleat I made for this size was approximately 5mm.  If you are working with the larger tubes, make the pleat appoximately 8 or 9mm.
  5. Complete the second stitching colour, which will tack down all of the layers.  Ensure as you stitch over the pleat at the bottom of the lip balm holder, that the pleat remains in the guide lines. 
  6. Remove the hoop from the machine, and trim around all of the design. 
  7. Replace the hoop, and stitch out the last colour, which will give a beautiful satin stitched finish.
  8. Remove the hoop from the machine, and trim the stabiliser from the design. 
  9. Take your key fob, and place at the top of the lip balm holder.  Run a line of glue around the top of the key fob 
  10. Place the lip balm holder inside, and clamp the key fob together. 

Your lip balm fob is now completed.

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