Makeup Bag or Sewing Bag – You choose

This makeup bag is both practical and pretty.  With a special compartment to hold and protect all of your makeup brushes and grooming tools, and a large zippered pouch for your makeup, with two hidden pockets,  it is a perfect idea for a gift.  I have made one bag here to use as a makeup bag, and another for all of my sewing needs, that will hold the tools I use most often.  I found the pattern for this bag on Craftsy, and tweaked it a little to meet my needs.  I changed the clasp to a magnetic clasp, I added the embroidery, and I added a pocket in the bag itself.


40cm heavy denim fabric

40cm lining fabric

40cm embroiders felt to add body to the bag

25cm zipper

Magnetic clasp set

80cm bias binding (or make your own to match the lining)

  1. Print out your pattern pieces
  2. From the denim fabric, cut 2 bag main pieces, and one bag flap
  3. From the lining fabric, cut 2 bag main pieces, one bag flap, one brush flap, one brush holder, and one inside bag pocket (I made this the width of the top of the bag, and made it approximately 2/3rds of the length of the bag.  (I cut the brush roll holder with a little extra room on either side, so that one the embroidery is completed, you can trim to the correct shape)
  4. From a heavy weight embroiders felt, cut 2 bag main pieces, and one bag flap.
  5. Take your denim bag flap, and using an erasable pen, mark up the embroidery area.
  6. Embroider your design in the center of the embroidery area. 
  7. Trim the brush roll holder embroidered fabric to match the pattern. 
  8. Take the bag flap, and place on top of the embroiders felt.  Place the pattern piece on top, and mark up the lines where the brushes should sit.
  9. Take the brush holder pattern piece, and fold in half along the length, with the right sides together.
  10. Stitch along one edge of the brush holder piece.  Once stitching is complete, trim the corner, and fold right side out.  Press.
  11. Fold the brush holder piece out the right way, and lay on top of the bag flap pattern piece and wadding, lining it up with the markings on the pattern.  Working one row at a time, stitch down the compartments for the brushes.  I like to use a pencil to give the correct amount of space between each compartment, but look at the brushes you will be using, and make the size of the compartments to match. 
  12. Once all of the compartments are completed, trim off the excess fabric to match the edge of the brush roll holder. 
  13. Take the flap, and fold in half with right sides together.  Stitch, turn right side out, and press.
  14. Working within the two marked sections of the brush roll holder, lay the flap down to match the edge of the brush roll holder, and stitch.
  15. Take the smaller part of your magnetic clasp, and beginning approximately 1.5” from the top of the bag, and in the very middle of the bag flap, cut two small holes, and insert the magnetic clasp. 
  16. Lay the embroidered denim, embroiders felt, and lining fabric together.  Use your bias binding to finish the seams around the edges.  For best results, use a colour match thread to keep both sides looking fantastic. 
  17. Create your pocket lining, by folding the pocket lining piece in half, with right sides together, and stitching around the three edges (leave one side open for turning.
  18. Pull the pocket lining right side out, and press. Press the exposed edge inside the pocket.
  19. Lay the pocket on top of the bag lining piece, and stitch the side and bottom edges to the lining.  Stitch through the center of the pocket to create two pockets. 
  20. Working with one side at a time, attach the bag main fabric and lining to the zipper.   Sandwich the zipper between the main fabric, and the lining/embroiders felt layer.  Stitch, and repeat for the other side of the zipper. 
  21. Roll the bag flap on top of itself, and pin to keep in place. 
  22. Ensure that the zipper is half open, and lay the bag out, with the lining pieces facing each other, and the main fabric facing each other.  Place the bag flap between the two layers of denim, centered at the bottom.  Pin, and stitch around the bag base and sides.  Stitch only 1” down the base of the lining fabric. 

  23. Trim any excess zipper away.
  24. For each of the 4 corners of the bag, pull the bag open, and match up the seams.  Stitch across the seams to create the bag base. 
  25. Place you hand in the hole that you left in the lining, and pull the bag right side out.
  26. Before you stitch the lining closed, pull the bag flap around, and mark up the placement for the other side of the clasp.
  27. Attach clasp, ensuring that you only go through the denim.
  28. Pull the lining together, and stitch using a small stitch, to totally enclose the bag.  Push the lining down into the bag, and press to complete.

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