New Product – Needle Holder & Threader

This article was originally posted on the 19/03/2015

This week I am happy to bring to you a fantastic new product.  The Needle Holder and Threader Tool.  I came across one of these tools in the US a few years ago, and have been searching for a source that would allow me to bring these in at a good price ever since.

The Needle holder is a double ended tool.  On one end you have the needle holder.  With this end you can easily hold the needle as you place it into your machine.  This tool is particularly helpful if you have a multi-needle machine, or shaky hands like me.

On the other end of the tool is a needle threader.  Most of our machines have threaders these days, however we all know there are times when the automatic threading breaks, or just doesn’t work.  The needle threader quickly and easily threads your needle for you.

Keep one of these handy tools in your class bag, and one by the machine.  You can purchase your Needle Holder and threader here for just $5.00.

Watch a video of using the Needle Holder and Threader below.

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