Presser Foot Pressure – why you should change it

Have you ever had this happen?

You are stitching along beautifully, all is going well, but you are adding some beautiful details, such as candlewicking, but the stitches clump together as you are stitching.

There is a very simple reason this is happening.

It is the Presser Foot Pressure!

Your pressure guide may be up the top of your machine, or it may be in the setup guide, but you can change the presser foot pressure yourself.  The difference in the example above was on a presser foot pressure of 1mm, to 1.5mm, and see the difference in the same design, on the same fabric below.

So when you are embroidering on a fabric with a little bit of loft, or you are embroidering a higher design (such as candlewicking or bullion work), and ensure that your stitches are perfect!

Designs used in the above sample are from the Denim Delight Collection.  I am stitching these on a fleece fabric.

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