re-fashioning with Embroidery

This article was originally posted on the 09/03/2015

I love Op-Shopping!  My family has been on a mission for the past 15 months to only purchase re-cycled clothing – and it has been so much fun.  In two weeks it is my parents 70th birthdays, and I want the children to look their best for a big party.  I found two amazing outfits for both of my girls, for under $10 in total.  Yes I did have to make some alterations, but the girls love their glamorous dresses, and I am happy with the cost.

But that is off topic.  One of my favourite things to get at the op shop is Denim.  I find amazing deals on denim jackets, jean and skirts, that are perfect for up-cycling with a little embroidery.

Today I am going to show you a fantastic Denim Jacket that I created this week.  I have used the Sugar Skulls embroidery design set – which are a great collection of 12 different sugar skull designs.

  1. Firstly I take out my denim jacket, and ensured there were no major tears or blemishes that need to be covered.

    This jacket was in fairly good nick, with only a small tear along the back seam (perfect for the design i want to use).
  2. Hoop the jacket together with TearClean Tear Away Stabiliser, ensuring that the stabiliser, as well as the jacket is firmly in the hoop.  The jacket should be centered in the hoop, with the seam running right up the center.
  3. The Sugar Skull embroidery design collection is created so that the first thing you stitch out is the outline for laying down the applique fabric.
  4. Take your applique fabric (I have used a piece of iron on pellum on the back of the applique fabric for a little added umph), and lay out on top of the applique outline.
  5. Stitch the applique fabric down using the second colour way, and then carefully cut away the excess fabric, using the Squeeze Embroidery Scissors with the curved tip.
  6. Complete the embroidery before removing the design from the hoop, and pressing gently to complete.

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