recycle with Embroidery – Denim Skirt

I am hoping I am not the only person who has done this – you see a beautiful thread in the shops, and you just have to have it – without any project in mind, just the gorgeous thread.  For me this beautiful blue thread was it.  The photos really don’t do it justice, I love the way the white and the blue look so fresh together.  I purchased this thread approximately 6 years ago, and have never used it – until this week!

Grace – one of my 9 year old twins, is on a fashion kick, she is planning out her after school clothes, everything has to be just so, and last week when she saw the Sugar Skull jacket that I made, she immediately wanted to embellish and embroider a jacket of her own.  We are still working on the jacket, but I wanted to make her a great denim skirt as well.

The skirt I found is on a small yolk, front pockets, and is non stretchy denim.  It is of course another op-shop find, and is fully lined.

When thinking about embroidering the skirt, I had to think about placement of the designs, as well as ensuring that I didn’t catch the lining in any of the embroidery.

I am working with the Native Bird Designs.  I love the way these birds flow out of the needle.  In each design, there are generally only the eyes that are jumped, other than that, no jump stitches.


The Native Bird designs are also perfect for multi-tonal thread.  I love the way the dark denim really highlights the multi tonal thread.


1 Denim Skirt (try re-cycling from your own clothes, or the op-shop)
Native Bird designs by Julie Hall Designs
TearClean Tear Away Stabiliser
Thread – I have used a multi-tonal blue and white thread from my stash (it is so old I have no idea what brand it is, or where I got it from)
bobbin thread
templates of your Native Bird Designs


  1. Print out your templates from your embroidery software, and cut around each template, ensuring that you can still see the cross hairs.
  2. Take your skirt, and ensure that it is well pressed.
  3. Pin each of the templates to the skirt, in the arrangement that you plan on embroidering them in.  I have printed my templates as is, but I plan on flipping some of my birds so that they face the opposite direction.
  4. Working one bird at a time, hoop TearClean© Tear Away Stabiliser and the skirt in the hoop, ensuring that you are matching up the cross hairs of the template, with the hoop markings.
  5. Thread your embroidery machine with the multi-tonal thread, and embroider the design.
  6. Remove the embroidery from the hoop, and tear away any excess stabiliser.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 until all of the embroidery is complete.
  8. Press the skirt to complete.

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