Spa Slippers with Bullion Embroidery

Make a pair of slippers a gift to remember, by adding embroidery.  I have used the bullion roses embroidery designs, giving them an elegant and timeless look.
1 pair of spa slippers, with velcro fastners (many stores are stocking these now, check your local shoe store)
Bullion Roses embroidery designs by Julie Hall Designs
Foam for bullion embroidery by Julie Hall Designs
Machine Embroidery Threads, I have used green, yellow, and 3 shades of red
  1. Hoop the WetAway Sticky wash away stabiliser in the hoop, and lay the opened slipper on top of the stabiliser.
  2. Load your embroidery design onto your machine.
  3. Load the hoop into the machine, and stitch out the first two colour (green leaf and yellow buds)
  4. Lay the Foam for Bullion Embroidery on top of the embroidery design, and stitch out the center of the roses.
  5. Stitch out the second and third rose colour.
  6. Begin gently removing the excess foam from the embroidery design.  I like to give a little shot of steam to soften the foam as I pull it off.

  7. Remove the excess stabiliser from the back of the slipper.  You can quickly immerse them in water if you wish to remove the last of the WetAway Sticky.

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