The Nicest Compliment to a Stitcher

I had a lovely thing happen to me this week.  My son went to a birthday party, and because I have been so busy, I didn’t stick to my stitched gift focus, and instead purchased a lego set.  The Day after the party, as I was thanking the mother for inviting Cam, I had the most lovely conversation, where she thanked me for the gift, and at the same time mentioned that her son had been hoping to receive a stitched gift.  Apparently at other parties, the child had seen Cameron give a personalised towel, throw rug, and whiteboard, and was hoping for something that was just his.

I was so happy to know that the personalised gifts are appreciated, that I immediately made up a towel set for him.  The mother was stunned and a little embarrassed that she had mentioned anything, but I am so happy to know that the gifts I make are appreciated, I am just walking on air!

These are some of the gifts I have made so far…..


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