Recycle with Embroidery – Shopping Bag T-shirt


From the first Christmas my now husband and I spent together, I have embroidered a t-shirt for him. Now, after 15 Christmases together, he has quite a collection.  For some reason, his t-shirts don’t seem to wear out at the same rate as mine, and he had more t-shirts than he knows what to do with.  I was looking through pinterest last week, and found a wonderful project for using up his worn t-shirts, whilst at the same time, getting shopping bags that won’t wear out quickly.

This project can be made within 20 minutes, and will be useful for years to come.

The shirt that I am using here is about 11 years old. I made it before I really got into digitising, and had purchased a design off a dodgy site.  Whilst the stitching has held up over the years, if you look closely, the stitches are not uniform, or pretty.  Perfect for re-purposing into a shopping bag.


  • T-shirt – I have used an old, stained t-shirt of my husbands
  • Scissors
  • Sewing thread


  1. Take your t-shirt and press.
  2. Trim the t-shirt using the layout below Depending on the size of your shirt, you may need to cut slightly higher or lower on the sleeve.
    tshirt trim lines
  3. Turn the shirt inside out, and stitch along the bottom hem.
  4. Create a gusset along the bottom by pulling the bottom hem to the side seam, and stitching 2” down.
  5. Turn the t-shirt right side out, and you are ready to go shopping.



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