Getting out of your Colour Comfort Zone

I am the worst person for picking colours.  I have a pallete that I like, and I tend to stitch to those colours.  So this week I have challenged myself to work with a different pallete of colours and threads, and I am looking forward to sharing the results with you.

This colour story begins as with the creation of a new collection of Hungarian butterfly’s.  I love the simplicity in Hungarian art, and particularly the bright primary colours that are used.


I went out to my local fabric store yesterday, with a few of the blocks that I have completed, as well as an idea of using a black background with a floral print on it as the main fabric.


Naturally, as soon as you have an idea, there will not be a fabric that meets it.  Luckily, the staff at my local store are more than willing to help, and really assisted me in moving outside my zone, with this fabulous modern circle printed fabric.  I had passed this fabric 3 times in walking around the store, and didn’t see the possibilities.  As soon as we spread the fabric out with the blocks on top – it was just WOW.

searching for fabrics

In my stash at home, I had this orange/red and green fabrics (I love it when I get to use something up), and I am so happy with the finished result that I will be bringing you tomorrow.

Until next time, have a stitchin’ day.  Julie

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