Refashion Friday – Capri Pants with Cutwork

cutwork pants

Once again, my love of the opportunity shops has won out. Last week I found this amazing pair of linen capri pants for only $5.50.  With just a little bit of love, I am jazzing them up with a beautiful cutwork hem.



  1. Take your sharp scissors and undo the hem of the pants, and up the hem, enough to lay out flat in the hoop.
    unpick pants
  2. Lay your unpicked hem out flat on your ironing surface, and press. Use spray starch to stiffen the fabric (I had to starch my hem 3 times). 
    press and starch
    Ensure that you don’t overstarch your pants, and scorch the fabric as you iron it.
  3. Hoop your stabiliser, and using a wash away marker and ruler, mark up the stitching edge of the hoop (generally marked on the hoop), and the centre line along the length.
    mark stabiliser
  4. Take the wash away marker and draw a line along your pants (my pants had a clipped seam so I made my line where that hem began). This is the line you will match up with your centre line on the stabiliser.
    mark pants
  5. Spray gently on the stabiliser (try to avoid the actual hoop) with your quilt basting spray, and lay the hem of the pants on the stabiliser, matching the drawn lines on the stabiliser and pants (the basting spray should gently hold the pants down).
    spray adhesive
    place fabric in hoop
  6. Load your design into your machine.
  7. Use your machines features to ensure that your beginning seam is at the beginning of the hoop (each machine will do this differently, and you should consult your machines manual or user groups for ways to do this)
  8. Stitch out the first colour way of the design (I have stitched mine in green to show what the outline looks like, however I do recommend stitching everything in the one colour)
    stitch first colour
  9. Take the hoop from the machine and lay on a flat surface.
  10. Using the sharp curved squeeze scissors, trim away the excess hem.
    trim scallop
  11. Take your cutwork blade, and with a self healing mat behind your hoop, cut away the circles.
    cutwork blade trim
  12. Take a piece of WetAwaySticky© and lay on top of the trimmed area.
    wet and sticky overlay
  13. Replace the hoop into the machine, and stitch out the final colour way.
  14. Once the first embroidery is complete, remove from the hoop, and gently remove the excess TearClean© stabiliser. Leave the WetAwaySticky© on the embroidery, as this will be removed when you wash them at the end.
  15. Repeat steps 3-14 along the entire edge of the item (I had to hoop my pants twice on each leg)
  16. Once all of the embroidery is complete, re-stitch the side seam of the pants, and overlock or overstitch the edges.  I love using the Quilt and Sewing Clips to do this as they don’t pierce the fabric of your garment, and hold really well.
    restitch pants seam
  17. Wash your pants in a washing machine to remove all excess stabiliser.
  18. Press and you are ready to wear a one-of-a-kind creation!

cutwork pants detail

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