The Who, What, Where, Why of USB’s

I have had an amazing 24 hours fulfilling orders for the 2GB usb drive (thank you all so much), however it has led to some questions on usb size, and what is the best size to use in your embroidery machine.

So for those of you who are unaware of how the USB technology works, let me share with you….


A Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a common interface that enables communication between devices and a host controller such as a personal computer (PC), or an Embroidery Machine.

The USB is also coloquially known as a jump drive, flash drive, thumb drive, memory stick, or simply USB drive, is a tiny but powerful storage device.

The USB is made up of “compartments of storage”. When you load a design onto the USB drive, it stores the information into a “compartment”.  When you then load the USB into the embroidery machine, it searches through EVERY compartment on the drive (even if there is nothing in it).  This means that if you are using a large USB (as is common today), your machine will take a long time to search out the entire drive.  By utilising a smaller USB – 2GB is standard for small – your embroidery machine will run more efficiently, leaving you more time for stitching.

The other question that I receive is “Is a 2GB USB going to be large enough?”

YES – Looking at the average size of an embroidery design (154kb), I can fit more than 55000 designs on my 2GB novelty USB Flash Drive. Now quite honestly, I don’t recommend storing this many designs on your flash drive.  Use your computer to store the majority of your designs, and simply transfer the collection that you are using at the present time to the USB Flash Drive.

Can I store more than just embroidery designs on my USB Flash Drive?

Absolutely – looking at the average size of a photo from a digital camera, you will be able to store approximately 500 pictures on each USB Flash Drive. You can also store any other type of media that you wish.

I hope this helps, and please let me know of any other technical questions you might have.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ week.  Julie

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