Saving a crumpled mess of stabiliser

This post will either resonate with many, or I will totally shame myself.

I can tend to be on the messy side.  I get passionate about what I am doing, and forget everything else whilst I work on one thing.

This week I am playing with some beautiful tatted lace snowflakes, which naturally means plenty of wash away stabiliser.  The only issue I have is that I have a few meters of stabiliser that is perfectly fine, but is in a terribly crumpled mess.


Now it is totally usable in this condition, however it is difficult to hoop, and has been sitting in my stabiliser holder like this for a year or so because I didn’t want to deal with it.

So, I have ironed it, and you can iron your wash-away stabiliser as well, with just two simple tricks.

Trick 1 – Lowest possible setting.

minimum setting

Turn your iron down to the lowest possible setting, you should almost be able to touch the plate of the iron.

Trick 2 – NO STEAM.

no steam

Remember that steam is water.  If you let steam on your stabiliser, it will begin to disintegrate.  Either use a non steam iron, or turn the steam off and make sure any excess steam is released before you press your stabiliser.

By using these two small tips, you stabiliser can be ironed, and will remain easy to use for years to come.


Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie


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