In the Hoop Hand Warmer Instructions


These gorgeous hand warmers are quick to make, and unique enough that children will not loose them at school. (Although they may be taken because they are so cute).  I fill mine with rice and lavender, and heat in the microwave on a plate for 30 seconds before the kids go to school.




  1. Download the Face off designs with hand warmer at the end of the name onto your embroidery machine.
  2. Hoop together TearClean© stabiliser and a hoop size piece of plain fabric.
  3. Using the colour guide included with your FaceOff designs, stitch out the colours of the animal face, up to the second last colour (do not stitch the second last or last colour).
  4. Change your thread to regular sewing thread, and stitch out the second last colour, to show where to place the covering fabric.
  5. Lay your covering fabric, face down on top of the animal face design, ensuring that you have covered the outline stitch just created.
  6. Stitch out the last colour to stitch the backing fabric on.
  7. Remove the design from the hoop, and take away any excess stabiliser.
  8. Trim around the design (to approximately ¼”.
  9. Turn the design right side out, and press with a light iron.
  10. Place the funnel into the opening in the design, and feed in the rice and lavender mix.
  11. Hand stitch the opening closed to complete.

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