Moroccan Tiles

Hallelujah – we are at the end of the school holidays!  I love my children dearly, but between them being home, hubby having a week off, and really bad weather for 2 weeks, we are all fed up with each other.

On the up side, I have managed to complete a new project that I have been working on – Moroccan Tiles


Moroccan Tiles are a collection of 10 blocks, and come available in 5 different sizes – from 7.5cm, to 20cm.

I created these tiles with a four colour palette, which you could easily mix up to give you 40 different blocks.

In the quilt example above, I stitched out nine blocks to create the main quilt, and then used the smallest design set, to create a border around the wall hanging.

I really like this piece, and am looking forward to finishing it off over the weekend.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.


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