A weekend with Stitchers and Snakes in Penrith

I have just returned from a great weekend with my wonderful Mother and Son in Penrith.

This year Mum arranged a quilters retreat for 20 committed quilters in a rural surrounding.

On Saturday, Cameron (12) and I joined them, and whilst Cameron helped my dad cook for the ladies (in his custom apron that I made him), I had a great time with the ladies, showing them my designs, as well as the fantastic Stitch-a-ma-jigs that we have.

One of the most exciting part of the day was when we looked outside and found a red-belly-black-snake out in the grass.  There were a couple of birds that were trying to scare it away, and eventually sent it back into the marsh land surrounding the area.

I do have to admit however that I am very pleased that I was not staying the night at the camp, I am sure I would have had nightmares about snakes that night.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.

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