How to Monogram the Perfect Handkerchief

As we discussed yesterday, monogramming is back in fashion.

Today I want to share with you my tips for creating perfectly monogrammed handkerchiefs.

We have just begun stocking a beautiful range of 100% cotton ladies and men’s handkerchiefs.  These handkerchiefs wash beautifully, and are perfect for monogramming.


The difficulty of working with 100% fine cotton products is that they tend to be quite fine. To deal with this, there are a couple of tricks that you will need to employ to get a perfect result.

  1. Starch

    Starching your handkerchiefs will assist in keeping the fabric still as you embroider it. For best results, spray a light layer of starch on the handkerchief, press, and repeat up to 3 or 4 times on each side. Don’t over-starch or you will fall into the trap of burning your fabric.

  2. Template

    Print out a template of your design so that you can play with placement. I like to place my monogram in the corner of the handkerchief.  Once I have decided where the placement should be, I like to press the cross markings into the handkerchief, which will assist with hooping.
    20161106_154013 20161106_154248

  3. Stabiliser & Hooping

    I like to use a sticky based wash away stabiliser. This means that I don’t have to hoop the handkerchief, and any excess stabiliser will come away with the first wash. To save a little money with the method, I hoop a piece of tear clean, and cut a hole out around the embroidery area. I then place a “patch” of wet away sticky over the hole where the embroidery will go.
    20161106_154652 20161106_154701

  4. Colour

    Choose your embroidery thread. For most of my ladies handkerchiefs, I am loving a pale pink and white multi-tonal thread. For men’s monograms I will generally go for a brighter colour, depending on the individual. (Personally I still love tone on tone)

  5. Stitch

    I am a fan of slower is better. I slow my machine down to approximately 700spm and stitch out my monogram.
    20161106_171530 20161106_171525

  6. Wash

    Remove any of the excess stabiliser, and then gently rinse the handkerchief in cool to warm water (or if you are doing a few, use a lingerie bag in the washing machine).

  7. Gift

    Iron and fold your handkerchief to display the monogram to its best advantage, and you are ready to gift.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, I would love to see your monograming projects as well.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.


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