Top tip for saving money with Wash Away Stabilisers

We all know that sometimes it is absolutely necessary to use those specialty stabilisers, and yes, they are a premium product. However the results make it all worth it.


This trick is most suitable for small embroideries. If you are creating a large design, I still recommend fully hooping the item.  However for small embroideries and difficult to hoop items, this trick is amazing.

This simple trick could save you plenty of both time and money over the long run.

Hoop normal TearClean Stabiliser

This layer of TearClean needs to be stable and taunt in the hoop, as it will form the basis for the entire embroidery.

Cut out a hole around the “embroidery area”

Using your Cutwork Blade on a self healing cutting mat, cut around the embroidery area of the hoop. You can find the embroidery area by looking at the markings on the hoop, there will be a faint marking approximately 1” in from the hoop edge.


Patch with Sticky Backed wash away

Take your WetAway Sticky and place a patch over the back of the hoop, ensuring that you fully cover the hole you created.


Lay your item on top of the hoop

Take your item to be embroidered (in this case it was a handkerchief), and place over the hoop. Ensure that you are placing the item in the correct position (using your hoop markings and a template) for embroidery.



Place the hoop in the machine, and embroider as per normal.

Remove the WetAwaySticky from the tear away, and replace to hoop the next item.


My hoop after “patching” about 8 times whilst embroidering a set of handkerchiefs.


I hope you enjoy this technique as much as I do, and you can continue to save money on your stabilisers.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.


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