Hoop Size v’s Embroidery Field – What is the difference

I had an email from a customer this week, Maryanne, who is new to machine embroidery, and has come across her first questions. When she purchased her machine, she was told it had a hoop size of 150x100mm, which she believed was suitable to her requirements.

What she has found once arriving home with the machine is that she has an Embroidery Field of 100x100mm – much smaller.

When we are looking at machines and hoop sizes, we need to look not at the size of the hoop, but at the field of embroidery.

On each machine embroidery hoop, you will have an area that cannot be embroidered in (generally this will be 1” or so around the edge of the hoop). The manufacturers do this so that we do not break needles by accidently stitching on the hoop, and so that we have an area that the presser foot can move around.

In the example above, you can see that the size of the hoop with and without the template. The template shows where the actual embroidery area is, and this is the important information to you.

in the example above, you can see that the hoops without the template would give the user the impression they could embroider much larger designs than is actually possible.

These days the most common beginner models include a 4×4” (100x100mm) and 5×7” (130x180mm) hoop. If you are able, look for a model or two above this, which will give you a hoop size around the 8×10 or 12” (200×280 or 300mm) size, which will give you a lot of freedom with your embroidery.

However the important question to ask, is what is the EMBROIDERY FIELD size.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day. Julie.


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