Top 10 Gifts for Stitchers to ask Santa for

The countdown is officially on.

There are 25 days until Christmas.

If like me you are not getting the phone call that includes “what can I get for……?”, then take my advice, and refer your family to the below list for some holiday inspiration.

A New Machine

Oh, wouldn’t it be nice to wake up on Christmas morning and see a beautiful box under the tree with a new machine in it.  Most shops will have special Christmas offers running from now until the new year, so have a look around and see what your money will purchase.


Each year I keep a list of designs that I would like to collect and use, and when my birthday is coming around, hubby finds the list, and purchases the collection for me.  I love this as a gift idea as it is something that I probably would not purchase for myself, but I will use during the year.



Software is almost a necessity with machine embroidery these days, and there are many options and brands of software out there, offering different features.  Think about what you would like software to be able to do, and then have a look around the internet to see what your best options are.

Class Subscription

This one is brilliant.  We all love attending classes, but finding the class fee’s sometime can be a stretch.  Have your loved ones join together to sign you up for a class at your favourite shop/teacher, or online.

Computer Classes

Computers have changed so much over the last few years, and if you would like to keep your skills up-to-date, look around your local area, and sign up for a computer class.  You can focus on social media, such as the internet, facebook etc, or look at using programms such as email and the Microsoft suite.

If you are looking into computer classes, a great place to begin is at your local library, who often run group sessions for a nominal fee.

Tools and Accessories

What have been your favourite gadgets and tools for sewers this year.  From a sales point of view, our most loved Stitch-a-ma-jigs have been the Novelty USB’s , Precision Oiler, Fabric Laser guide, and Thread Brush.

A Service

Treat your machine like the queen it is with a service.  Have your loved ones send your favourite machine away for a spa weekend with a grease and oil change, and it will run like a dream for the year.

Magazine Subscription

Save the hassle of having to go out to the newsagency each month by getting Santa to drop off a subscription to your favourite crafting magazine.


Santa knows what you really love.  Have him bring you a great big chunk of the latest design fabric all ready for your next project.

Gift Cards

For the crafter that has everything.  A gift card can be the perfect gift. Julie Hall Desings/Stitch-a-ma-jigs has gift cards that can be used over the coming years for classes, designs or tools.

I hope this list has given you some ideas on what to ask Santa for – Tell us about what you are hoping for Christmas.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day.  Julie.

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