Sunday Spa Slippers

How gorgeous are these?


I love putting a couple of little things together and turning them into a larger gift basket, and these spa slippers are fantastic for a spa kit. I include slippers, sleep mask, turban wrap and a 3 pack of nail polish, and I have a fantastic gift.

It is so easy to create your own patches/badges (whichever you wish to call them.

All you need is a really sturdy fabric, such as canvas that can be used to create the patch. I like to use a badge fabric (I have had a 30cm roll for the past 15 years and am still going strong). Which is a cotton, attached to a canvas backing.

The important thing to remember when embroidering on badge fabric (which you can purchase from most craft stores), is that you need a satin edge.

A satin edge gives you the ability to trim around the badge area as you apply the badge.

In this instance, I am going to use a high quality double sided adhesive to attach the badges I have made onto the spa slippers. Depending on the item you are embroidering, you can also attach the badge by hand, or by stitching on with a zig zag stitch.

These slippers are being made for my gorgeous Niece Hannah, who needs something for her boyfriends mother and sister for Christmas. I think they have turned out beautifully.  What do you think?



  1. Take your software and create a monogram design. Ensure that your monogram has a shaped satin border of at least 3 or 4mm.
  2. Load your designs onto your machine.
  3. Hoop together TearClean© stabiliser and badge fabric.


    This badge fabric is created using a canvas backing, and drill like fabric on top, adhered together for strength.

  4. Stitch out two of your designs onto the badge fabric (one for each shoe)
  5. Remove the badge fabric from the hoop, and remove as much excess stabiliser as you can (I sit there with a pair of tweezers taking away all of the excess stabiliser)
  6. Using a warm iron, iron a piece of Heavy Duty Bonding adhesive onto the back of the designs – at this stage I still have not cut out my designs.
  7. Once the adhesive backing has set and is cool, use the Cutwork Blade to cut around each of the designs.
    cutwork-blade-trim trimmed-badges
  8. Remove the paper backing from the Heavy Duty Bonding adhesive, and iron onto the top of the spa slippers with a warm iron.


Your spa slippers are now ready to use, and they have only taken 1hr to make (and I made 3 pair in this time).

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day. Julie.

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