2017 Trends in Embroidery from the Runway

I have never been a fashion plate. I was watching a minimalism documentary on TV last week, and was so proud that I have less clothing than those professing to own a minimalism lifestyle (we won’t touch on the fact that my office has much more than any committed minimalist could deal with).  However I do love fashion, and have been known to arrive early at the doctors so that I can pour over the vogue magazines before my appointment.

My love of fashion images has also been assisted since the beginning of Pinterest. I have a board dedicated entirely to fashion trends as inspiration that I encourage you to check out when you get a minute.


I have been so happy to see the trend of machine embroidery on the runways for the current seasons, and would love to share with you some of these amazing images, and suggestions for how we can incorporate these into our embroidery projects.

Embroidered Handbags – this one I love. Many of the large designers this year have incorporated embroidered handbags into their collections.  Fendi, Roberto Cavelli, and Gucci have all highlighted beautiful embroidered bags, incorporating many different embroidery styles, I have an idea running through my mind of embroidering on leather/vinyl to create a wonderful useful bag in 2017.

Denim – If you have looked at any of my projects, you will know that I love a good piece of denim for embroidery. I’m not sure what it is – the colour, the ability for the fabric to withstand dense or light designs, but denim really is one of my favourite mediums to embroidery with.  Which makes this continuing trend so easy to embrace.  Add embroidery to your favourite jeans as they are wearing out in a patch style to prolong their use, or up cycle from your favourite second hand shop to make an item that is uniquely yours.

Dress and Formal Wear – Remember when Cate Blanchett first got noticed with her daring fashion choices on the red carpet, with her gorgeous gown with the sheer embroidered back panel that made it look like birds and flowers were flying across her back – well the style of embroidering on our formal wear has remained, with both sheer and heavy fabric perfect for this style. I love the sheer sleeve with tiny embroidery, but my total favourite would have to be the gorgeous white hi-low gown, with beautiful red embroidery.  Could you emulate any of these styles by customising a dress/item of clothing with embroidery.

Homewares – this is where it gets exciting. The trend this season is for bright, with lots of heavy embroidery.  Take a look at the overstuffed couch with the multi coloured embroidered panels.  Now I am not sure I would ever be patient enough to complete this project, however I really think it looks amazing, and so inspiring.  I do love the bright colours in homewares, with the primary colours, mola and folk art styles, and fun looks.

I hope you have enjoyed this look at trends, and they have inspired you as much as they inspire me.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day. Julie.

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