New Collection – New Free Design – Cross Stitch Dinosaurs

I am so happy to introduce you to a new collection that I have just completed. Cross Stitch Dinosaurs.


Back in 2010 I purchased a gorgeous set of dinosaur designs, that have an almost stuffed quality to them. Over the last seven years, each week or so I have looked at these designs, and wondered how I could interpret them.  I tried plain stitching, I tried applique, but nothing looked really right.


Until last week, when I sat down and played with creating cross stitch designs.


I really love it when everything goes right on a collection, and that is what happened with this set. It all came together quite easily.


It has been a long time since I worked on a baby style collection, as my children have grown, so has the embroidery they have liked, and therefore the embroidery that I have focused on for them has changed. However my beautiful niece Rachael had a gorgeous daughter Matilda last year, and I am thinking these designs are going to turn into a project for young Matilda.


As I am sure you know, traditional cross stitch is worked over Aida cloth, which has the holes pre-marked for ease of use. You create the design using one or two strands of floss, working first in one direction on a diagonal stitch, and then going back the opposite way to form the CROSS.


With machine embroidered cross stitch, you can stitch on any fabric, however the stitches are pretty much formed in the same manner.


This particular collection uses a lot of shading, if you are looking to create a dinosaur, you will need 4 shades of the one colour to give that really rounded design look.


I have stitched my dinosaurs in polyester embroidery thread, however if you wanted a more traditional look for these designs, you could easily substitute 100% cotton thread.

Now I am up to looking for projects for these gorgeous designs. The first project that I am working on (the machine is stitching along as I type this), is a play mat.  I wanted a mat that Matilda (new great niece) could move around on, that would be perfect for tummy time, and as she grows, the mat can be used for play time.  I am planning on putting a drawstring around the edge of this quilt, so that the mat can be used to store toys as Matilda goes off for a play or stay.


The other projects that I can see using these designs (apart from the obvious t-shirts), is for a baby linen set.

I can see the dinosaurs stitched across the top of a sheet set, so that as the sheets are folded out, the dinosaurs run along the top of the bed, with a matching pillowcase.

For a baby I could see a matching quilt, and cot bumper set as well.

Naturally, we would not release a new collection of designs, without offering you a freebie, so that you can see just how amazing these designs are. You can collect your amazing Freebie Cross Stitch Dinosaur Design HERE.


Free Embroidery Design


The Cross Stitch Dinosaur Collection is very reasonably priced at only $34.95 for download, meaning that each design is under $3.50.

Thank you for having a look at this gorgeous collection, and until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day. Julie.

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