Baby Dino Playmat

Incorporating the delicate beauty of cross stitch, with the fun design of dinosaurs, this gorgeous play mat is the perfect present for any young child.


It makes a great tummy time mat when the baby is young, and then once the child is older, it can be used to transport and store a wide range of smaller toys, whilst travelling.


  • 1m square white 100% cotton fabric
  • 1.4m square Backing fabric
  • 1m wadding/pellum
  • 40cm excess fabric, for the drawstring pull through (could be same as backing fabric)
  • 7.5m cord for double drawstring, or 3.75m for single drawstring
  • Embroidery threads
  • Cross Stitch Dinosaurs by Julie Hall Designs
  • TearClean Tear Away Stabiliser by Julie Hall Designs
  • General sewing requirements
  • Safety pins for quilting



  1. Fold the 1m square white cotton fabric in half, and then half again, marking up 4 squares with a centre point. Press with a hot iron to hold the markings
  2. Unfold the fabric, and with the 4 lines marked, measure 40cm from the centre point, along the line, to give a hooping point.
  3. Using the markings, hoop your fabric and stabiliser together.
  4. Stitch out the first design, ensuring that the dinosaurs are all facing the same way (you don’t want any upside down).
  5. Once the embroidery is complete, remove an excess stabiliser, and press.
  6. Repeat step 2-5 for the other 3 dinosaurs.
  7. Re-fold the fabric, and fold a third time, so that you are creating an extra line between each of dinosaurs (you could also create this using your ruler and a 45 degree angle.
  8. Repeat steps 2-6 for the final 4 dinosaurs
  9. Once all of the embroidery is complete, press the entire fabric panel.
  10. To create the octagon shape, re-fold the fabric into 8ths, and measure 55” along each edge.
  11. Create a line between these two markings, and cut using a rotary cutter. Unfold to show the octagon.
  12. Create a sandwich of the embroidered panel, pellum, and backing fabric.
  13. Join these three layers together using the safety pins.
  14. Quilt your panel. I have quilted mine using straight lines in the centre of the design, joining the triangles between the different dinosaurs. Once the inner circle was complete, I then used a stippling stitch to quilt around all of the dinosaurs.
  15. Once the quilting is complete, trim the panel.
  16. Take the fat quarter, or excess fabric, and create 8 pockets for the drawstring, 4”x16”.
  17. Fold 1” in on each side, and Press.
  18. Working from the back of the quilt, stitch each of the pockets to the octagon.IMG_6801
  19. Take the leftover backing fabric, and cut 3” strips to go around the edge of the quilt for binding.
  20. Join the binding strips together to form one long strip.
  21. Using a hot iron, fold the bind in half, and press.
  22. Working from the front of the quilt, stitch the binding around the edge of the quilt.
  23. Turn the binding around the edge of the quilt to the wrong side, and either hand stitch down, or use the stitch in the ditch method to complete the binding.
  24. Finally, take the cord and measure around the panel. You want it to be just enough to go around, with 2” extra to form the pull. Cut two lengths of this, so that you can pull from both directions.
  25. Feed the cord through the panel pockets, and using a leftover square of fabric, create a tab to enclose the exposed ends of the cord.
  26. Repeat step 25 working in the opposite direction, so that you now have two drawstrings.
  27. Pull the drawstrings to pull the quilt into a bag

Your dino playmat is now ready for a little one to play on.

Until next time, have a Stitchin’ Day. Julie.


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