Free Project – Trapunto Quilt


This project has a history on a couple of different levels. My parents owned a farm when we were young, and as soon as I saw this artwork, I thought of my Dad, then I have recently found out that my brother and his partner are expecting.  My brother has always loved the farm life, and I am hoping that his little boy or girl (and you) will love this bright and colourful quilt.


Finished size of quilt – 42 x 50”

All seam allowances are ¼”



White Homespun – 75cm

Orange Fabric – 25cm or fat quarter

Purple Fabric – 25cm or fat quarter

Green Fabric – 25cm or fat quarter

Blue Fabric – 25cm or fat quarter

Border Fabric – 75cm or 3 different fat quarters, or scraps of leftover bright fabrics.

Binding Fabric – 30cm

Backing fabric – 1.2m

½m high loft batting for trapunto

Pellum – 1.2m

Tear away Stabiliser

Bright Coloured Embroidery Thread

White/Beige Sewing Thread

Rotary Cutter


Patchwork Ruler

Grandads Farm Designs from Julie Hall Designs

Free Grandads Farm wording designs by Julie Hall Designs



White Homespun Cut 3 strips 38 x 9½”
Orange Bright Print Cut 1 strip each 38 x 6½”
Purple Bright Print
Green Bright Print
Blue Bright Print
Borders Cut 5 3½“ strips, or join together lots of scraps of fabric to form 3½“ strips to go around the edge of your quilt.
Binding Cut 3 strips 2.5” wide



  1. Watch the included trapunto tutorial to understand how this technique works.
  2. Using the templates provided, lay out the templates on the white homespun, and mark out their placement.
  3. Hoop a piece of stabiliser taunt, and lay over the high loft wadding lay a piece of TearClean stabiliser on top of the high loft wadding, and hold it in place whilst you stitch down the first outline.
  4. Stitch out the first line of the design, outlining where the wadding will stay.
  5. Remove the hoop from the machine and cut away all the excess wadding.
  6. Take the homespun and pin into place where the embroidery will sit.
  7. Stitch out the remaining colours of the design to give the detail.
  8. Remove the hoop from the machine once complete, and remove the excess stabiliser.
  9. Repeat steps 2-8 for all the trapunto designs.
  10. Press and trim each of the white homespun pieces to 36½ x 8½”


Writing Embroidery

  1. Using the templates provided, and the bright coloured printed fabrics, embroider the wording onto the fabric using a contrast coloured thread.
  2. Press and trim each of the pieces to 36½ x 5½”

Putting the quilt together

  1. Take all of the cut elements for the quilt and lay out ready to stitch together.
  2. Using the image below, stitch the bright coloured wording sections to the white homespun, using a ¼” seam.
  3. Add the borders by stitching firstly to the sides, and then to the top and bottom.
  4. You are now ready to back and quilt your creation as you wish. I used a free motion quilting technique to highlight the puffiness of the designs.

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